Body Kun Chan Drawing Mannequin - For Illustrators & Artists

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Figures will support the drawing!

Boasts an overwhelming range of motion, figure is born model.
Systemic 30 places or more moving! It is possible to assume a pause at will!
By limiting the range of motion, unnatural pose has become a mechanism that can not be taken.
By design that commitment pulled, and reproduce the optimal head and body balance in anime characters.
Men and women are two types of simultaneous lineup!

Will be teaching how to draw a picture, a mini book included! !
From touching the way of figures, also mini book that summarizes the How to Draw point attached.
The mini-book of illustrations, and hired a famous illustrator.
In addition, body-kun, the body-chan, comes with a mini-book of separate content.

  • Product size: Tall: 150mm / 5.9"inch
  • Material: ABS, PVC  

Type of Projects You Can Start Creating With SceneMakers:

 Body kun figure drawing