SHF Figuart Child Pale Doll For Artists

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    Hey artists! Our new SHF Figuart Child Pale Doll For Artists drawing models are here to help you become a better artist. Make it pose in any way you can imagine and start drawing.

The Chibi Body-Kun Doll drawing figurines are simply put, the BEST drawing references on the market today.

Searching online for reference content can be time consuming, and most of the time you won't find what you want. Not with the Chibi Body-Kun

They can take ANY pose you want, effortlessly. The level of detail and realism in these drawing figures has never been achieved before. Boasting over 30 articulation points, you will be able to create an infinite amount of super realistic human poses!

These figures are a HUGE help for drawing and are huge time savers!

They're highly realistic with over 30 articulated joints. They even come with 17 different interchangeable hand poses and several accessories including a laptop, a cellphone, and even a sword! They were designed with the artist in mind.

Each order comes with a display stand to hold your body-kun figure. Get yours today and start creating some beautiful art. 

     WITH EVERY PURCHASE, YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE. A portion of each sale goes to First Book - an amazing charity that donates books to disadvantaged children who need them the most.
    NOT suitable for children under 3yrs old